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Victory Apartments Preservation Relocation

The Preservation of Victory Apartments

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We’re happy to announce that the preservation of Victory Apartments will begin in 2020, and we want you to be as excited as we are. This will be the second rehabilitation of these buildings. The first was completed in 1990 after an intensive organizing campaign to push the State of Illinois to fund its first affordable housing development in our community. The project was named for the Victory of that campaign.

Victory Apartments consists of 107 affordable units in nine vintage, multi-family buildings in the Humboldt Park, Logan Square, and West Town communities.

In May of 2019, Victory Apartments received funding from the Illinois Housing Development Authority to carry out the second round of renovations. After renovations, the development will be renamed, Victory Apartments Preservation.

The scope of work will include:

  • New flooring throughout the building (common areas and units)
  • New kitchen cabinets, sinks, countertops, and appliances
  • New bathroom cabinets, tubs, and toilets
  • New HVAC system, including the installation of central air conditioning
  • New doors and door hardware
  • Painting
  • Structural repairs, masonry work, and tuck-pointing
  • Improved landscaping and fencing
  • Window repairs and replacements
  • New LED lighting
  • Installation of new security cameras

Work will be done in all units, and residents will be temporarily relocated. We anticipate completion by the end of 2021.

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In an effort to provide you with additional information, we have put together answers to the Frequently Asked Questions, which you can also download in English or Spanish. If your question(s) is not answered below, please contact Urban Relocation Services. Their staff can assist you with your relocation needs. 

Urban Relocation Services
2556 W. North Avenue
Aretha Brown, On-site Relocation Manager

Frequently Asked Questions

When and where will I move?
You will receive a letter from Urban Relocation Services 30 days prior to your move date with the address of your temporary relocation apartment. To the extent possible, Urban Relocation Services will give you an estimated date of relocation well ahead of your receiving official notice.

When will I receive moving boxes?
You will receive a letter with the address of your temporary relocation apartment 30 days prior to your move date. At that time, your relocation agent will arrange to give you moving boxes and packing tape. If you would like moving boxes before you receive your 30 day notice, please contact your relocation agent.

Should I start packing now?
The buildings will be renovated at different times, so you can wait for the relocation agent to inform you of the scheduled relocation dates for your building. Your relocation agent will be able to give you a general idea of when your building will be rehabbed. Now is a good time to declutter and get rid of items you no longer want or need.

What should I do with things I do not want to keep or move?
DO NOT throw away large items and furniture in the regular trash containers. The City will issue tickets if they see furniture or other garbage outside the trash containers. If you need to dispose of large items, inform the relocation agent so we can arrange for the proper disposal of those items.

Do I have to hire or pay for movers?
No, Bickerdike will hire and pay for the moving service to and from your temporary relocation apartment. Your relocation agent will keep you informed about your moving dates and times.

If I move with family, will my belongings be placed in storage?
If you decide you want to move in with family or friends during your temporary relocation, your furniture and personal property can be placed in storage at no expense to you.

How long will I be moved out of my apartment?
The temporary relocation period is approximately 3 months.

Do I have to pay rent during my temporary relocation?
Yes. You will continue to pay your regular rent rate to the Property Management office every month as stated in your lease, even during the 3 months that you will not reside at Victory Apartments. Bickerdike will pay for the rental of the relocation apartment.

Do I have to recertify?
Yes, residents must recertify, whether during relocation from your apartment or not. You will receive a notice with your recertification date from your Property Manager.

What will happen with my mail?
Since the buildings will be closed during the construction period, mail will not be able to be delivered to your regular address. The relocation agent will assist with filing the proper forms with the Postal Service to have your mail transferred to the relocation unit during the construction period, and transferred back to the renovated unit at the end of the construction period.

Will I have to transfer my child to a different school?
No. The temporary relocation period is approximately 3 months. You will not be moving permanently into a new school district and your child can continue to attend the current school.

Will transportation be provided for my school-aged child (Pre-K through 8th grade) if I temporarily move out of my neighborhood?
If you are moving into a temporary relocation apartment that is out of the area, your relocation agent will help you arrange for transportation for your primary school-aged child (Pre-K through 8th grade). If your child needs special transportation arrangements, please notify your relocation agent.

What will happen to my cable and internet service during the relocation?
Bickerdike will be providing $100 gift cards each month that you are relocated. If you choose, you can use those gift cards to get cable and internet service at the relocation unit. If you do not choose to obtain cable and/or internet at the relocation unit, the $100 gift cards are yours to keep. Cable and internet service will not be automatically supplied at the relocation unit. We can provide you with information on temporary cable services and hotspots that you can use to get service at the relocation unit, if you choose to do so.

I currently have a landline telephone, and I need access to a landline telephone at the relocation unit. How will this be handled?
Tell your relocation agent about your existing landline and your need for a landline at the relocation unit. The relocation agent will arrange to transfer your service to the relocation unit.

What will happen to my cable, internet, and telephone service after I move back to my renovated unit?
Due to the damage caused by unauthorized cable installations at the properties, all of the existing cable and telephone wires will need to be removed so that the buildings can be tuckpointed. After the existing wires are removed and the buildings repaired, a new cable box will be installed. If you want to get cable, internet, and/or telephone service in your renovated unit, it will be through that specific cable box provider. Satellite dishes and other cable connections will not be allowed. The Relocation Agent can assist with reconnection of cable & telephone in the renovated unit, and the cost of reconnection will be reimbursed to you.

Will my flat screen TV bracket remain on the wall?
No. Brackets must be permanently removed from the walls for the construction process and are not allowed per the house rules. Brackets may not be installed in your relocation apartment or your renovated apartment once you return.

What if I have a pet in my apartment?
Per Bickerdike’s House Rules, pets are not allowed. Please see the House Rules for more information.

What if I need to file a work order in my temporary relocation apartment?
Follow the instructions provided by your relocation agent.

I heard I won’t be able to smoke in my renovated or my relocation apartment. Is that true?
Yes. Our new smoke-free policy went into effect on January 1, 2020. As of that date, there is no smoking allowed in any Bickerdike housing, including your Victory apartment.

What happens to my utilities (gas & electric) while I am relocated?
It is very important that you keep your utilities at your Victory apartment connected during the construction period and continue to pay your utility bills, even though you are not living there. Bickerdike will pay for the utilities at your relocation apartment, and you will receive a reimbursement allowance at the end of each month for the utilities used in your Victory apartment during the construction period.

Again, DO NOT DISCONNECT THE UTILITIES AT YOUR VICTORY APARTMENT. This is very important. If you disconnect your utilities: (1) you will not receive the utility reimbursement allowance, (2) you will be charged a reconnection fee, and (3) you will be subject to termination of your tenancy for a lease violation.

I have grab bars (or other accommodation) installed in my Victory apartment that I will continue to need after the renovation. What should I do?
Tell your relocation agent about all such special accommodations in your apartment so that we can ensure your renovated apartment is properly equipped for your family’s needs.

What happens if there are damages to the relocation apartment?
Move in / move out inspections will be conducted for the relocation apartments, and residents will be charged for damages that exceed normal wear and tear.

I have more questions. Who should I ask?
Start by contacting your relocation agent. Either they will answer your question, or they will direct you to the proper person at Bickerdike to answer your question.