Bickerdike Redevelopment Corporation

Cermak Produce

El Mercado, a local fresh foods market developed by Bickerdike, has been an important source of jobs and community economic revitalization. Bickerdike developed the El Mercado in 1992 as a public marketplace, at a site where two chain supermarkets had been unsuccessful. Cermak Produce, a locally based independent grocer, is our anchor business at the site and operates a vibrant store where local residents regularly shop.cermaknew

Cermak Produce at El Mercado satisfies the community's needs for a one-stop shopping source offering:

  • A well stocked supermarket with culturally relevant quality products and services
  • A full line of quality fresh produce targeting the ethnic tastes of neighborhood residents
  • A full service butcher shop, offering quality cuts
  • A low fee Automated Teller Machine offering Link card capability
  • Employment opportunities for the local community, with at least 75% of all jobs going to neighborhood residents
  • Through its partnership with Cermak Produce at El Mercado, Bickerdike will maintain and continue to enhance El Mercado as an important source of quality products at fair prices and a source of local employment for community residents. Cermak Produce at El Mercado provides over 50 jobs and is a centerpiece of community economic development which benefits local resident

Cermak Produce at El Mercado is located at 2701 W. North Avenue.