Bickerdike Redevelopment Corporation

Get Involved

In addition to our community-based board, which is made up of individuals elected from and by our membership, we have developed a structure of volunteer committees to encourage the broadest possible community participation in the decisions that guide our redevelopment work.

Committee work ranges from community beautification projects to planning for new affordable housing developments, to advocacy for housing policy reform. A variety of these committees take an active part in the management of our housing, from the Tenant Selection Committee to the Residents Council, a representative body that organizes tenant activities and disseminates information about our activities, community issues, and opportunities among tenants.

Our committees include:


Participation in volunteer committees helps build community among residents and neighbors. Committees create a forum for residents to take part in the decisions that affect their housing and their quality of life. The sense of empowerment that results often continues beyond our organization, as residents go on to participate in other aspects of civic life.

All committees, with the exception of the Residents Council, are open to all Bickerdike residents as well as other local residents and members.

For more information use our contact us form or call 773.278.5669.