Bickerdike Redevelopment Corporation

WTHP Relocation

As you have heard, our West Town Housing Phase I and Phase II developments, which the building where you live in is part of, are being combined into a new project called West Town Housing Preservation. As part of this process, all buildings and units in the development will be moderately rehabbed and updated. 

You can stay informed by signing up for our West Town Housing Preservation email list here. We will be sending e-blast with updates as they're available. You can also join our Facebook group exclusively for West Town Housing Preservation residents here. Your Bickerdike residency will be confirmed prior to group membership approval.

In an effort to provide you with additional information, we have put together answers to the Frequently Asked Questions, which you can also download in English or Spanish. If your question(s) is not answered below, please contact Urban Relocation Services. Their staff can assist you with your relocation needs. 

Urban Relocation Services
2705 W. Evergreen
Aretha Brown, Relocation Agent
Mayra Grimaldo, Blingual Relocation Agent

Frequently Asked Questions

When and where will I move?
You will receive a letter from Urban Relocation Services 30 days prior to your move date with the address of your temporary relocation apartment. To the extent possible, Urban Relocation Services will give you an estimated date of relocation well ahead of your receiving official notice.

When will I receive moving boxes?
You will receive a letter with the address of your temporary relocation apartment 30 days prior to your move date. At that time, your relocation agent will arrange to give you moving boxes and packing tape. If you would like moving boxes before you receive your 30 day notice, please contact your relocation agent.

Will I receive help during the packing process?
The movers can pack up your belongings for you if you do not wish to pack yourself. Or, if you would like, you can pack some of your personal property and let the movers pack what you did not. Discuss your move with your relocation agent and she will be able to help you decide how much assistance to request for your move.

If I move with family, will my belongings be placed in storage?
If you decide you want to move in with family or friends during your temporary relocation, your furniture and personal property will be placed in storage at no expense to you.

I have a landline phone; will I have to have it disconnected?
Your relocation agent will help you transfer your landline phone service to your temporary relocation apartment before you move. If you also have a cell phone, you may not wish to transfer your landline phone service, and simply remove your landline telephone during the temporary relocation.

Should I turn off my electricity and gas?
Do not cancel your electric and gas service during the time you will be in your temporary relocation apartment, and plan on paying your monthly bill. You will receive a utility allowance reimbursement for the cost of utilities during the time you are not living in your unit. In addition, utilities will be provided for you in your relocation apartment at no charge.

What will happen with my mail?
You will have access to your new mailbox at your regular (non-relocation) apartment location during the construction period. You should plan on picking up your mail at your regular (non-relocation) apartment during your temporary relocation. Do not forward your mail to your temporary relocation apartment. In the event you cannot access your mail at any time, please contact Property Management.

Will I have to transfer my child to a different school?
No. The temporary relocation period is approximately 30 days. You will not be moving permanently into a new school district and your child can continue to attend the current school.

Will transportation be provided for my school-aged child if I temporarily move out of my neighborhood?
If you are moving into a temporary relocation apartment that is out of the area, your relocation agent will help you arrange for transportation for your school-aged child. If your child has specials needs transportation arrangements, please notify your relocation agent.

Will my flat screen TV bracket remain on the wall?
No. Brackets must be permanently removed from the walls for the construction process and are not allowed per the house rules. Brackets may not be installed in your temporary relocation apartment or your permanent apartment once you

What will happen to my cable wire?
In most cases, your cable wire will not be disturbed. If you need to have your cable reinstalled because of the construction, your relocation agent will assist you with this process. The cost of reconnection of the cable necessitated by construction will be reimbursed to you. Satellite dishes are not allowed in either your temporary relocation apartment or in your permanent apartment once you return.

What will happen to my washer & dryer?
You will have to move your washer and dryer for the construction. If you have a gas dryer, you will have to have it disconnected prior to your move into temporary housing. Your relocation agent can assist you with the disconnection and reconnection of your washer and dryer. Service will not be provided by Bickerdike.

What if I have a pet in my apartment?
Per Bickerdike’s House Rules, pets are not allowed.

Will I be able to move back to my storage unit?
No. Storage units are no longer available.

Do I have to pay rent during my temporary relocation?
Yes. You will continue to pay your regular rent rate to the Property Management office as stated in your lease.

Do I have to recertify?
Yes, all residents must recertify. You will receive a notice with your recertification date from your Property Manager.

What if I need to file a workorder in my temporary relocation apartment?
Follow the instructions provided by your relocation agent. Do not contact Bickerdike Property Management.

I heard I won’t be able to smoke in my renovated apartment. Is that true?
Yes. Our new smoke-free policy West Town Housing Preservation will go into effect on September 1, 2017.